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Post Punk Progressive Pop Party, Hofstra Radio, Hempstead, NY, 88.3FM with Marc and David upon original release of Hotel for Women. Interview by Jeff Foss (December 1981)
Marc's Interview with Ian Marshall at Virginia Tech's WVUT (August 2010)
David's Interview with Ghosty from WFDU from May 2010 (around 10 min.)
David's interview with Martin Hennessy of 80s Music Central, Sept. 2007 (38 minutes). You can also subscribe to the podcast.
mp3 download (35mb)
Marc's interview with "Jed the Fish" on "The Quake" -- San Francisco - Spring 1985 (around 15 min.)
mp3 download (10mb)
Interview and fund-raiser on 91X in San Diego with Marc along with Douglas, George and David - Spring 1985 (around 6 min.)
CFNY Toronto with Marc, Steve and Douglas - Fall 1985 (around 13 min.) Please excuse some static due to this interview being recorded live on a cassette "walkman" while walking around Toronto. In 1985 that was the portable listening/recording device of choice.
mp3 download (12mb)