Of course, Marc wrote all the lyrics (except for the 1 cover tune)... At the bottom of each song, there will be some insight as to who is most responsible for the music on a particular tune, and other tidbits of trivia.

Thank you lyric volunteers!

Mood Swing
Every Time I Touch You Dark Brown 88 Lines About 44 Women
Home of the Brave Let It All Hang Out Mood Swing
Phantom Heart Juanita Juanita She Is Everything to Me
White Wall
Dangerous Dreams
Dig Myself a Hole Hello Janine Voices
The First Time The Veil Things You Left Behind
Save Me Dangerous Dream Darkness Grows Uncivilized
Hotel for Women (in Progress)
Hotel for Women Cutting Edge 88 Lines about 44 Women
Ask the Dust Fiction The Last Frontier
Just Another Story Dirty Money, False Success Reel World (Beat Boys and B Girls)
Lost Causes Why Didn't You Tell Me? Transcontinental Ska

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