New for late 2010. Real audio sound samples have (finally) been replaced by MP3 files ...

Listen to one of the last tunes recorded by The Nails,
Are You My Baby, recorded live in rehearsal summer 2000.
There's more where this came from ... (dk-2010)

Download MP3 (5.5.mb)

Personnel: Marc-Voice, Guitar, Steve-Guitar, George-Bass, David-Organ, Mike-Drums.

and an older tune ...

Home of the Brave - Demo Version 1984
(Marc-Voice, David-Keyboard, George-Bass)

Download MP3 (5.1.mb)


Even older! Listen to a recently unearthed (2008) live recording from The Ravers, from Denver's Ebbets Field club, Spring 1977. This was located in the Brooks Tower building, at that time, Denver's tallest. Download or Stream High School Days

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Be sure to visit the Nails' Discography Page for some songs not included here!

Cops Are Punks (1977) Backstreet Boys (1978-entire song)
Transcontinental Ska (1980-entire song) 88 Lines about 44 Women (Orig. - 1981)
Every Time I Touch You (1984) Home of the Brave (1984)
88 Lines about 44 Women (RCA-1984) Hello Janine (1986)
The Veil (1986) Things You Left Behind (1986)

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