The Best Radio Stations in the U.S. of A!
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Here are some wonderful radio stations that continue to support The Nails and play our stuff regularly. Kudos to them! The list just gets bigger thanks to you. Know a station that plays the Nails? E-mail me & I will link 'em.

WFDU 89.1 FM (Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. in New Jersey) - Ghosty's show on Saturday night. Listen to David's interview from May 2010.

WVVS 90.9 FM - Skip Guildersleeves 80's show, Sundays 9p-midnight. Plays great 80's & 90's alternative rock.

KRCK 97.7 "Rock of the 80's...and a lot more!" Palm Desert, CA. As noted by Kevin Childs (The Big KC), "We do more than play 'The Nails' from time to time ..... they're on our regular rotation!"

XM Satellite Radio - 88 Lines was played on an 80's show. Reported in Spring 2003. Cool!

107 The End - Seattle/Tacoma. 88 Lines has recently been reported here as of November 2002. It's our newest addition.

The Edge 102 in Toronto, Canada. They are another long-time supporter of The Nails from their CFNY days. They recently had a survey of the 1002 modern rock songs of all time and 88 Lines weighed in at number 213, beating out Squeeze's Tempted!!!

WHFS - 99.1 serving Baltimore and Washington, D.C. They have played the Nails forever it seems and they continue to play 88 Lines especially in their Flashback Cafe radio show. Right on!

WFNX 101.7 in Boston. They are another long-time Nails' supporter. We've done interviews with them and 88 Lines appeared on their top 500 of all time at #443, not too shabby for a cult hit!

KROQ in Los Angeles. The original "K-Rock" has played The Nails for dare I say it, almost 20 years! Their airplay of the original 88 Lines inspired a 1982 tour of Los Angeles where 3 of us and a roadie drove a van with a trailer full of equipment (and a motorcycle!) across the country in 72 hours and stayed at the world famous rock star Tropicana Hotel on Santa Monica Blvd. I don't believe it's there anymore but we had a great time!

WXRT in Chicago. They play Home of the Brave more than 88 Lines. I got to listen to them during my 1999 trip. They are pretty eclectic and interesting.

WOXY Radio, Oxford, Ohio, one of the coolest radio stations. Why? 'Cause they like The Nails! Why else? They put out yearly surveys of the top 500 alternative songs of all time around Memorial day which has consistently put 88 Lines in the list. We've even been in the top 10! Check out their all their lists. 88 Lines and Things You Left Behind were among the best of the millenium.

CHEZ-106 in Ottawa, Ontario. They have supported The Nails for well over 10 years. They have interviewed us on two occasions during our two successful performances at Ottawa's Barrymore Theater.

"The Fog" in San Francisco/San Jose. 88 Lines has been reported here. I listened to them a bit while in Silicon Valley during my 1999 trip. Another interesting eclectic station. There is nothing like this in NYC.

WGMR 101.1 - The Revolution. Serving the State College (Penn State) and Altoona region of Pennsylvania. 88 Lines has also been reported here.

WRZX "Indy's New Rock Alternative." 88 Lines has been reported in Indianapolis.

WYEP in Pittsburgh, a listener supported public station where 88 Lines and Things You Left Behind have been reported.

The River 92.5 in Boston. Another great Boston alternative station. Boston has always supported The Nails.

107.5 "The End" in Salt Lake City. 88 Lines has been reported here in the latest city of corruption of Olympic proportions!

X96 KXRK in Salt Lake City. Another alternative outlet where 88 Lines has been reported. Two in Mormonville. Wow!!!

KTCL, 93.3 FM in Denver, Colorado. 88 Lines has been getting airplay.

From a fan -- "Mr. Ireland's Psycho Show aired live from WSIF 90.9 FM in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. It could not have been the completely wholesome, thought-provoking hour that enlightens the minds of the southland without The Nails. Owned by Wilkes Community College the listeners of WSIF 90.9 FM love you guys!!!"

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