Well Moses came down
From the mountain top
He saw the golden calf
He told the people to stop
He said, "I heard a voice."
He said, "I talked to God."
And he held up some tablets
And I said, "Hey, man. This is the law!"
He talked to me

The boy he held
A smoking gun in his hand
And he looked down and he smiles
At the dying man
He said, "I am sorry, sir.
"But I did not have a choice.
"God told me to do it.
"I heard his voice."
He talked to me

They named the darndest gospel
You can hear the people talk about
The things that they heard
The secrets they unlocked
The gospel of God well it hangs in the air
And from the lips of nothing the voice is everywhere
And he talked to me
He talked to me

Well she held out her eyes
On a silver plate
She said, "Jesus, I love you.
"And I could not wait
"To give you these."
And she held up the eyes
And she heard his voice
But she could not cry
He talked to me

©1986 The Nails

This was a group effort. David came up with the descending triad riff which became the chorus melody and the unison key/sax riffs. Steve had his contrapuntal guitar riff and seductive solo.