The Nails performed in one video in 1985. 88 Lines was licensed for a series of Mazda commercials in the USA and Canada between Fall 1998 and Winter 2000. The first commercial (Cool World) won a Clio award for being one of the best commercials of that year. This commercial also influenced commercials in years to come. All are in Quicktime format, so without further adieu ... Click on the name or the pic for the video.

Now in the midst of the "YouTube" revolution, there have been other videos, some made by Marc, some licensed for promotions, and even an official video recently discovered and posted for Home of the Brave. Enjoy!

If you want a cool song in your commercial ... well ... write us!

88 Lines about 44 Women live video 1983

All 3 commercials are about 1.1mb each.
Cool World
(Clio Winner)

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