A Comprehensive Discography

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Here's the scoop on all the Ravers'/Nails' recordings:

Cops Are Punks 7" Screwball Records EP (1977) - Two versions (w/2 different sleeves), one under original band name The Ravers, recorded at Mountain Ears Studio in Boulder, CO as part of 9 song demo tape, got favorable review in Trouser Press magazine. Songs include Cops Are Punks, Big Star and Another Lesson. 2008 update. All 3 songs (remastered) appear on Local Anasthetic CD detailed below.
Band members: Marc Campbell-Voice, Guitar, David Kaufman-Keys, Artie Freeman-Lead Guitar, Jon Cormany-Bass, Al Leis-Drums. Al died in December 1997 at the age of 44. (Take a Closer Look.)
Note to record collectors: The song "Punk Rock Christmas" by "The Ravers" is not us ...
Backstreet Boys/Rock'n'Roll Show 7" single Screwball Records (1978) - Backstreet Boys recorded live at CBGB with overdubs + Rock'n'Roll Show recorded at Greene Street Studio in Soho, NYC. Got play in several NYC juke boxes and exported to England with some success.
Band members: Same as above except Tommy Cotogna-Drums.
Transcontinental Ska/Young and Wild 7" single Citybeat Records (1980) - First self-released and self-produced outing, recorded at now defunct Crossfire Studios in NYC. The airy sound and lyric collage of Transcontinental Ska received some airplay as well as some live Nails' tapes during a short enlightened period in NYC radio. The Nails were also playing around fairly regularly in NYC. First recording with current band members ('cept Steve). Hey we did ska 15 years before these current "ska" groups! (Comment made in the 90s). And we did reggae 25 years before Matisyahu (comment made in 2009) but we can't rap like him or fake the Jamaican accent, but he's cool.
Band members: Marc Campbell-Voice, Guitar, David Kaufman-Keys, Electronics, Guitar, George Kaufman (my brother)-Bass, Trombone, Douglas Guthrie-Sax, Tommy Cotogna-Drums, Connie Garcia-backing vocals.
Hotel for Women 3 song 12" Jimboco/Citybeat EP (1981) (also four song version on Jem/Passport in USA and Passport/A&M in Canada in 1982; some pressings have inner sleeve photos). This was The Nails' first collaboration with Jimboco Records (predecessor to Safe House) and contained the original 88 Lines about 44 Women which I guess puts The Nails where we are today! The tune Cutting Edge was in the top 10 of a NYC station, WNWK, when they had their weekly reggae show. Recorded at Media Sound, NYC (defunct big studio) except for 88 Lines having been recorded in glorious 4-track at The Nails' home studio we called "151 Studios" for the address of the loft in NYC where we rehearsed and some of us lived. 88 Lines was engineered and produced by your webmaster. (Trivia: Group photo on back cover includes Steve O'Rorke, but he does not appear on this record!) Like the cover photos? Then check out this Irving Klaw site for more.
Band Members: Same as previous. (Nails' Trivia - Marc played drums on original 88 Lines!) Connie sung lead on Hotel for Women. (Take a closer look.)

88 Lines/Reel World (Beat Boys-B Girls) 7" Citybeat/Jimboco single (1982). Contains original 88 Lines plus newer music/sound/lyric collage tune recorded at Media Sound.
>Band Members: Marc-Voice, Guitar, Drums, David-Keys, Electronics, Guitar, George-Bass, Trombone, Douglas-Sax, Steve O'Rourke-Guitar (Beat Boys...), Tommy-Drums. First appearance of Steve on Nails' recordings. (Take a closer look.)
Both the original 88 Lines and Reel World were remastered and now appear on the Hotel for Women CD.

Mood Swing RCA LP (1984) - (remastered CD Available on our store page and elsewhere) Produced by Gregg Winter. (Manufactured in USA, Canada, Germany, Spain!) First big label outing, contains what is known as the "RCA" version of 88 Lines as well as Home of the Brave and The Hombres' cover Let It All Hang Out of which there was a video, superior to J. Mellencamp's version in every way! (If only a video was made of 88 Lines ...). Got positive reviews all over the US of A and Canada. There were remix 12" singles containing 88 Lines and Let It All Hang Out as well. Recorded at Electric Lady, Skyline Studios in NYC and Boogie Hotel (great name huh?) in Port Jefferson on Long Guyland, NY. We toured with Mike Ratti on drums who became permanent member. [Rarity: Spanish-pressed Let It All Hang Out Promo 7" 45rpm vinyl. Take a closer look.]
Remastered CD released May 2007 with bonus tracks
Band Members: Marc-Voice, David-Keys, Back. vocals, George-Bass, Trombone, Back. vocals, Douglas-Sax, Steve O'Rourke-Guitar, Back. vocals, Dennis McDermott-Drums. We also had some female vocalists: Connie Garcia, Ellen Warshaw and Khari Page, Jimmy Bralower doing drum treatments (before he became Madonna famous). Percussionist Boris Kinberg has played with Mink DeVille and a local NYC band, Lucky 7. He also toured with us. Rocky Jr. Savino's harmonica graced Home of the Brave. We also had a now somewhat well known tabla player, Badal Roy, play on Phantom Heart. (Take a closer look.)
Dangerous Dreams RCA LP (1986) - (remastered CD Available on our store page and elsewhere) Produced by Pete Solley (Motorhead, Romantics, etc.), recorded in Miami's famous Criteria Studios. (Manufactured in USA, Canada, Germany.) This concept album featuring songs about dreams, surreal imagery and voices in your head contains Things You Left Behind, a tune that should be on 80's compilations as well as the pensive Hello Janine. Years before the grunge "movement," there was ... The Veil. This LP got virtually no promotion, as RCA didn't have a clue how to market us. It subsequently didn't sell and The Nails got dropped from the label despite positive reviews in many newspapers and magazines as well as making the Billboard top 200. There also were several club mixes of Things You Left Behind, two of which are now available on our outtakes page. (Producer Peter Solley also creates midi files.)
Remastered CD released June 2007 with bonus tracks
Band Members: Marc-Voice, David-Keys, George-Bass, Douglas-Sax, Steve-Guitar, Mike Ratti-Drums. Joe Galdo, who has worked with Miami Sound Machine, did some Emulator work (as well as Pete Solley himself). Soozie Tyrell played electric violin and sung background. She has toured with Bruce Springsteen and has been Buster Poindexter's vocal foil.
(Take a closer look.)
Rough Trade 45 graphic 88 Lines/Things You Left Behind Rough Trade 7" 45 (1992). Unauthorized UK release that contains the original 88 Lines plus a demo version of Things You Left Behind. (Take a Closer Look...)
Corpus Christi Corpus Christi Safe House CD (1994)


Band Members: Marc-Voice, George-Bass, Guitar, Keys, Steve-Guitar, Mike-Drums, Percussion. David (me) contributed music (14 Dreams, Nice to Me, Holy Sea, The Flesh), as well as tech./midi assistance. See George's page linked above for more information.

88 Lines Compilation CDs
Living In Oblivion, V.2 Living in Oblivion (Vol. 2) - (EMI - 1993) contains RCA version of 88 Lines. A little too mainstream for my tastes but it is an honor for 88 Lines to be included with hits by Toni Basil, Thompson Twins, Culture Club, Power Station, etc.

R.Blades Flashback Faves Richard Blade's Flashback Favorites (Oglio/Sony - 1993) same as above. More obscure and more fun. Contains Translator's Everywhere that I'm Not, Lydon/Bambataa World Destruction, After the Fire, Fishbone, etc.

Can't Get Enough, V.3 Can't Get Enough - New Wave Hits of 80's Vol. 3 (Rhino - 1995) w/original 1981 version. This enjoyable CD includes Gary Numan, B-52's, XTC, Kid Creole, etc.

Hardest Hits, Vol. 4 Hardest Hits Vol. 4 (SPG - Canada - 1995) w/RCA 88 Lines dance mix. Obscure and international with Duran Duran, The Assembly, Flying Lizards, Robert Hazard's (r.i.p.)Escalator of Life, etc. This CD has been picked up by a Quebec distributor and is now available in the States!!!

New Wave Dance Hits New Wave Dance Hits (Scotti Bros./WB - 1996) w/original version. The most fun so far, includes I Eat Cannibals (Total Coelo), Lene Lovich, Romeo Void, Was Not Was, etc.

Smash Alternatives Volume 2 (Hip-O/Universal - 1999) w/RCA version. Quite a bit of Number 1 hits from Animotion and Dexy's Midnight Runners as well as fun songs from The Ramones, Wall of Voodoo and The Waitresses.

Newer Wave 2.0 - (21st Circuitry (dist. by Metropolis Records - 2000)). Can you believe it? A band actually covering 88 Lines about 44 Women!!! This is an interesting compilation of techno-type bands doing their renditions of 80's new wave tunes like Here Comes the Rain Again, Love My Way, 1999 and others. The name of the group doing 88 Lines? Scar Tissue...

Modern Rock - Lost Hits of the Early '80s. (Time Life - Music - Warner Music Special Products. Not available in stores; only from Time Life - Music Website, Catalog #1171 - 2001). Moderately obscure and interesting double CD with Billy Idol, Pretenders, then ---- Bill Nelson, Blasters, English Beat, Jim Carroll, Adam/Ants, Joy Division, Bananarama, Paul Carrack (my fave song here - I Need You) as well as songs that don't stand the test of time such as Laurie Anderson's O Superman (not funny, barely "art") and Missing Persons' Walking in L.A.
Don't You Forget About Me (Medalist Entertainment-Universal-EMI-Capitol Collaboration - 2002). Collaborative double CD compilation involving 2 major labels and their outlet popshop.com. Contains RCA version of 88 Lines. Includes cuts from Berlin, Eurythmics, OMD, Boomtown Rats, etc. And who could forget that hit song Da Da Da by Trio, inspired by ... well ... you know!
Other Compilation CDs
Rocky Mountain Low

Rocky Mountain Low (Hyperpycnal - 2009) - Double LP + CD package with a bonus vinyl only song, 24-page booklet containing extensive historical liner notes, dozens of photos, and complete biographies for 19 bands chronicling the Boulder-Denver, Colorado punk scene in the late 70s. Includes two unreleased songs from The Ravers, Goddess of Love and Tear It All Down.

Hits from the Underground- 80's - (BMG - 1999) contains Juanita, Juanita from the Mood Swing album. First hint of BMG/RCA releasing music from their catalogs. This bodes well for The Nails and other forgotten groups that recorded for RCA. Other artists include Stone Roses, Lou Reed, Del Fuegos, Graham Parker and others.


Local Anasthetic (Smooch) - 2008 CD, compilation of late 70's early 80s Denver/Boulder Colorado punk scene. Includes remastered versions of the Cops Are Punks EP referenced at the beginning of the this page. Also includes Frantix, Gluons (w/Allen Ginsberg), Jeri Rossi and much more.

Killed by Death #20 - (Redrum (Norway) - 2000? 12" Vinyl). This was sent to me by an expatriate Iranian-Turkish fellow living in Germany. This contains the Nails/Ravers' Cops are Punks, the only cut with keyboards. This vinyl masterpiece showcases punk bands from the late 70's and early 80's that nobody ever heard of and most likely no one ever heard! Nevertheless it's great fun with searing guitars and that raw "punk" sound. I'm sure you Europeans have heard of some of these bands: V. Babies, the Deaf Aids, Clockwork Criminals. The only bands I've heard of are MX80 Sound which recorded for Ralph Records at that time (home of the Residents) and The Colors, a local NYC band I saw a few times. Clem Burke from Blondie was a fan and possibly played with them. Redrum's address is Box 237 Hell Norway or contact: behjanm@netzblick.de.
Alternative Evolution (Sony Music Special Products - 2001) Contains dance mix of Let It All Hang Out along with the usual suspects from 'Til Tuesday, Psychedelic Furs, Romeo Void, Toad the Wet Sprocket and of course, much much more...

(pretty cheap!).

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